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In 1953, Mai Tai mario vape carts flavor made its fated trip to Hawaii. Shipping company Matson Steamship Lines which has since been credited with making the Hawaiian islands a popular tourist destination hired Bergeron to oversee the cocktail menus for the bars at their Royal Hawaiian and Moana Surfrider Hotels. Pineapple and orange vape flavors of dank vapes didn’t infiltrate the Mai Tai until 1954, when Bergeron used them to sweeten his recipe for a more tourist-friendly cocktail at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki.And, unfortunately, that recipe usurped the original in people’s hearts — and on cocktail menus. The Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai became the symbol of tropical paradise, and no Hawaiian vacation is complete without sipping on a Mai Tai by the beach. The cocktail even has a prominent role in Elvis Presley’s 1961 movie, Blue Hawaii. In the early ‘70s, the cocktail even found an unlikely fan in former President Richard Nixon, who frequented Trader Vic’s at the Statler-Hilton, which was located a couple of blocks from the White House. He even celebrated Valentine’s Day there with his wife Pat Nixon in 1973.
The sweet Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai smoothly adapted to the 1980’s dark days of cocktails, when store-bought juices and syrups took the place of fresh ingredients. Canned pineapple and orange juices were mixed with two rums, which were generically labeled as “dark rum” and “light rum” in the recipes used by bars and restaurants. The nuances of the original Wray and Nephew were long forgotten. And just like with the daiquiri and margarita, there were even instant Mai Tai mixes, including one from Trader Vic’s


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